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Physician Referrals


Acute Mental Health Referral from a Renfrew County Hospital 

Direct communication between the Renfrew County Emergency Department physician and the available Pembroke Regional Hospital (PRH) hospitalist will be coordinated through the Acute Mental Health (AMH) Resource Nurse.


The  AMH Group Leader facilitates access to the AMH Unit, doctor-to-doctor interactions and the collection of information to coordinate admission and transfer to the Unit.


Relevant information supporting AMH admission should be faxed to the AMH Resource Nurse.


County wide admission transfers must be scheduled between 07:00 and 20:00 hours.


After consultation with PRH hospitalist, and once admission is accepted, the patient will be transferred from the Renfrew County hospital to the PRH AMH Unit via Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or other transportation means as per the discretion of the attending physicians.


Acute Mental Health Resource Nurse

613-732-2811 extension 6144

Geriatric Psychiatric Consults 

Renfrew County physicians wishing to refer to the Geriatric Outreach Assessment Team may do so by completing and faxing the Specialized Geriatric Services Referral Form to 613-735-4638.



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