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PRH Acute Mental Health Inpatient Program

Who We help 

Having a mental health crisis that could lead to hospitalization can mean different things to different people, including:

  • Being too depressed or exhausted to get out of bed and care for oneself or family day to day
  • Hearing voices or seeing things that are not there for the first time or beyond one’s usual condition
  • Thinking about and having a plan to harm oneself or others
  • Not eating or sleeping for several days in a row
  • Feeling agitated, and not being able to think clearly
  • Experiencing symptoms that one can no longer manage and that require a major adjustment in medication with close monitoring over several days

Acute Mental Health Unit

Pembroke Regional Hospital (PRH)

705 Mackay Street
Pembroke ON K8A 1G8


Fax: 613-732-6354 


How We Can Help

Voluntary Admission: Pembroke Regional Hospital (PRH) in-patient services are available to those in need of short-term mental health care on a voluntary basis. Voluntary admission can be organized by the person being admitted or by a physician, parent or guardian.

Involuntary Admission: When a person is so ill that they risk hurting themselves or others but does not wish to enter hospital, involuntary admission -- formed care -- can be initiated by the attending physician. Admission may follow a request from health professionals including Emergency Support Services or the police. Care under Form 1 requires that a formal psychiatric assessment take place at a Schedule 1 facility.

Service users requiring formed care are transferred to qualified facilities within the Champlain LHIN, including the Montfort, Queensway Carleton and The Ottawa Hospital. Our goal is to support the return of all service users back to their home community by direct transfer to the PRH or by referral and liaison with local community mental health and addiction treatment service providers.

Inpatient Care

Provided in a pleasant, respectful and safe environment at the PRH Acute Mental Health Unit, our in-patient services include:

  • Medical screening
  • Mental health status assessment and diagnosis
  • Co-occurring substance-use assessment
  • Individual and group wellness education and support counselling
  • Development of an individualized hospital discharge plan in collaboration with a community case worker where applicable, including links to community services

Goal Setting: Your recovery goals guide our support. Let us know what you most want to gain from being admitted to our unit. If you are not sure, we will be there to support you until it becomes clearer.

Day Passes: After a period of evaluation, you and your psychiatrist will determine when you may take leave from the unit for day passes.


Specialized Services: To ensure broad-based, quality health care, we provide other specialized services by request, such as pharmacy, nutrition and medical consultation services.


Security: To keep everyone safe, all service users and their belongings are searched upon arrival, and the premises are monitored by security cameras.

Smoke-Free: We are a smoke-free environment. Smoking material is kept at the nursing station and smoking only takes place off hospital grounds. 


Medication: Under the guidance of the psychiatrist, a voluntary hospitalization provides an opportunity to discuss and explore the role of medication in the management of symptoms.


Support: Family and friends may need to be aware and sensitive to the fact that the desire for visitation and support may vary from person to person. As an inpatient on our unit, we encourage you however to involve and share your personal health information with someone you care and trust so that they can assist and support you as you transition back in community and at home.


AMH Handbook: Being in hospital can be difficult. Our Acute Mental Health Handbook answers some of the questions most often asked about our unit. We hope it will make your stay with us more comfortable. 


Acute Mental Health Team

  • Psychiatrists
  • Clinical Manager
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Peer Support
  • Occupational Therapists (on consultation basis)
  • Physiotherapists (on consultation basis)



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