Your Health and Safety


Please inform a member of the healthcare team if you have an allergy to medication, products such as latex or perfumes or food allergies to items such as peanuts.


Due to health concerns arising from exposure to scented products, staff, physicians, volunteers, patients and visitors are asked to be considerate in their use of such products.


Flowers and/or plants sent to the hospital need to be low scent and foil balloons are recommended.


The hospital asks for everyone’s cooperation in its efforts to accommodate these health concerns in accordance with the provisions of the Ontario Human Rights Code.



Please note that our parking lot and some areas of our hospital are monitored by camera for safety purposes.  


Smoke-Free Property

PRH adopted a Smoke-Free policy to promote health and wellness, support efforts to quit smoking and to protect people from second-hand smoke.


Upon admission, all patients are screened for their smoking status. PRH follows the best practices for smoking cessation based on the Ottawa model. All patients will be offered nicotine replacement therapy during their hospital stay. Please talk to your health care professional for further details.


All patients are asked to refrain from bringing tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or flame-producing articles into the hospital.


As per the Smoke Free Ontario Act, Smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes by patients, staff or visitors is not permitted on PRH property
including our buildings, grounds and parking lots.


We are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and clean environment for everyone.


Staff Identification

Hospital staff, medical staff, students and volunteers have an identification badge. It is mandatory for these individuals to wear their ID badge while at the Hospital. If you observe a suspicious activity or individual, have lost personal items, or have any security concerns, please notify a staff member immediately.


Student/Post-Graduate Placements  

Pembroke Regional Hospital is an affiliated teaching hospital of the University of Ottawa and is also affiliated with other educational institutions. Our learners are multi-cultural and multi-faith. Being a university and college-affiliated hospital keeps Pembroke Regional Hospital at the forefront of patient care, medical knowledge, and health-related research. An important part of our mission is to provide excellent patient care while educating and training future doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.


Students and post-graduate trainees are considered part of the healthcare team and are supervised by one of the professional staff. They will introduce themselves to you, however, at all times, your attending physician or a hospital staff member is ultimately responsible for your care and treatment. Our team approach to education ensures that you receive the highest quality care from a dedicated group.


As a patient in a teaching hospital, you have the opportunity to participate in the training of health professionals of the future. As a patient, you also have the right at all times to decline to have a student or post-graduate trainee involved in your care.


Should you have any questions regarding the involvement of students or post-graduate trainees in the delivery of your care, please discuss them with your attending physician or the nurse in charge.


Violence Prevention  

Pembroke Regional Hospital is committed to creating a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff. For everyone’s safety, our violence prevention program prohibits any type of verbal or physical violence. People who display aggressive or violent behaviours, may be asked to leave. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires us to inform our staff of any risk of violence. By keeping them informed and safe, we in turn help ensure that they can meet the needs of all our patients and families.

If you are concerned or experience violence or aggression, please inform a member of your health care team right away.






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