Education and Learning

Pembroke Regional Hospital is an affiliated teaching hospital of the University of Ottawa and is also affiliated with other educational institutions. Our learners are multi-cultural and multi-faith. Being a university and college-affiliated hospital keeps Pembroke Regional Hospital at the forefront of patient care, medical knowledge, and health-related research. An important part of our mission is to provide excellent patient care while educating and training future doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Students and post-graduate trainees are considered part of the healthcare team and are supervised by one of the professional staff. They will introduce themselves to you, however, at all times, your attending physician or a hospital staff member is ultimately responsible for your care and treatment. Our team approach to education ensures that you receive the highest quality care from a dedicated group.

As a patient in a teaching hospital, you have the opportunity to participate in the training of health professionals of the future. As a patient, you also have the right at all times to decline to have a student or post-graduate trainee involved in your care. Should you have any questions regarding the involvement of students or post-graduate trainees in the delivery of your care, please discuss them with your attending physician or the nurse in charge. 



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