Trillium Gift of Life Network

The Gift of Tissue Donation – When a loved one dies, family members may be offered the opportunity to help others through the gift of tissue donation.


There are thousands of Ontarians who require tissue transplants each year and many may wait up to two years to receive their transplant – the need is great. Donation is a generous and selfless act that not only helps recipients, donor families often report feeling comforted in their grief by the legacy of hope their loved one has left behind.


To register your wish to be a donor, please visit the Be a Donor website. If donation is a possibility at the time of your passing, a coordinator from Trillium Gift of Life Network will speak with your family. If you have registered your consent, your decision will be shared so that your family can be assured that they are honouring your wishes.


If you would like more information about Trillium Gift of Life Network and tissue donation, please speak to a member of the health care team who will assist you.

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