Wayfinding Maps

 Map outlining the layout of the PRH complex including location of parking lots and ambulance base


Tower A, Ground Floor:

Emergency Department (ED)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Public Washroom (adjacent to ED waiting room)

Registration (Surgical Registration is located in Tower D)


Tower A, First Floor:

Acute Mental Health

Administration offices

Health Records


PRH Foundation office

Public Washroom (next to Foundation office)  

Tower A, Second Floor:

Medical Program (2nd Medical)

Public Washroom (next to nursing station)  

The Lunch Box (cafeteria)

Tower A, Third Floor:

PRH Chapel

Surgical Program/Surgical Day Care

Tower A, Fourth Floor:


Public Washroom (in waiting room) 

Tower A, Fifth Floor:

Finance department

Information Technology

Tower B, Ground Floor:


Diagnostic Imaging Department (CT/MRI/XRAY/Ultrasound)

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Parking Pay Station

Public Washroom (adjacent to gift shop)  

The Mural Café

The Sunshine Gift Shop

Tower B, First Floor:

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Tower B, Second Floor:

Link to Tower C

Tower B, Third Floor:

Medical Program (3rd Medical)

Pastoral Care office (Third Floor link)

Tower B, Fourth Floor:

Public Affairs and Communications office (Fourth Floor link)

Tower C, Ground Floor:

Fracture Clinic  

Mulvihill Pharmacy

Public Washroom (adjacent to pharmacy)  

Satellite Dialysis Unit

Tower C, First Floor:

Dr. S. Laliberte

D. S. Leavey

Dr. M. Schmitz

PRH Boardroom (C142)

Public Washroom (by elevator)  

Tower C, Second Floor:

Family Practice Teaching Unit

  • Dr. S. Cantin

  • Dr. H. Castillo

  • Dr. A. Comeau

  • Dr. T. Gauthier

  • Dr. S. McLeod

  • Dr. M. Meeking

  • Dr. T. Naguib

  • Dr. D. Plante

  •  Dr. J. Plante

  • Dr. M. Primeau

Dr. B. Mgbemena

Public Washroom (by elevator) 

Tower C, Third Floor:

Dr. A. El fitori

Dr. S. Graham

Dr. C. Haney

Dr. S. Mukherjee

Dr. S. Murray

Dr. R. Roloff

Dr. N. Vijay

Dr. A. Williamson

Dr. A. Yacoub

Public Washroom (by elevator)


Tower D, Ground Floor:

Ambulatory Clinics

Dr. B. Baxter’s Clinic

Consulting Specialists

  • Cardiology

  • Neurology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Orthopaedics

  • Physical Medicine

  • Plastic Surgery

Diabetes Education

Geriatric Assessment

Heart Function Clinic

Med Sleep Lab

Outpatient Services (procedure room and multi-function room)

Pre-Operative Assessment

Public Washroom (in waiting room)  

Stroke Prevention Clinic


Tower D, First Floor:

Medical Day Care

Pain Management

Pulmonary Function

Public Washroom (in waiting room) 


Systemic Therapy


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